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I run a fairly tight schedule (any of you who have seen my Google calendar can vouch for this lol..). While I think this is a good trait, what happens if something unexpected happens to throw it off???

This time of year (with many bodybuilding shows and competitions happening) is notorious for quick changes in scheduling. So how do you keep making the priorities the prioritized tasks in your schedule?

First, simply recognize what your priorities are. One daily habit I do is keep a small 3" sticky note list of my priorities for that day. Seeing and writing them down I believe is a great exercise to burn them into my subconscious.

Secondly, be realistic with your time. Allow space between tasks so you can adjust if something runs over. Overscheduling is something I've had to recurrently fix myself over the years.

Third, learn to be flexible. This could mean doing a shorter workout than you would want, perhaps using a pre-made meal instead of cooking yourself, pushing a non priority task to another day when you have more time, or my favorite: saying NO to that distraction that is trying to steal your time.

Don't beat yourself up if you don't score 100% everyday. However, do recognize the areas you can improve on and most importantly, double down on those tasks that directly impact your "Why" factors.


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