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This week I was talking to a friend who was wanting to reboot his morning routine. Not being a morning person and currently just in survival mode to get the kids off and himself to work on time, there was a lot of opportunity to start the day on his own terms.

Besides the current shower, hygiene and getting dressed, he also wanted to start incorporating a morning workout along with 30 minutes of reading and some meditation to start the day.

While I applauded his intentions, there was not doubt that he was ambitiously setting himself up for failure.

Instead of going for all of that right out of the gate, I suggested this. Do pushups or situps in the morning, then read 1-2 paragraphs/up to a page. Finally while in the shower, be mindful and do some deep thinking.

Oftentimes we jump all into a new habit or routine without forming it first. Just like eating your Jell-O before it's set, if you throw too much into a newly developing ritual, often it will be short lived.

Start small, take little steps, then build on it.


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