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Does it matter if calories come from liquids versus solids? This is a great question. From a purely macro/calorie perspective, nope. However, as usual, it's not quite that simple.

Digestion is one factor that comes into play. Whole foods digest slower than liquid calorie sources. In fact the first step in the digestion process is chewing the food up, so it's no surprise that liquified food digests quicker.

This can be good or bad. If you are currently running a calorie deficit and want to stay satiated longer, then it makes sense to stick with more whole food sources. However if you are struggling to get all your intake in, then the liquid options can really help out.

I'll throw in the time factor here as well. Let's be honest, if you are either tight on time for meal prep, or running out of hours in the day to get all your macros in, the liquid option might be the best answer here too.

So based on your scenario, pick the option that works best.


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