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Let's talk about the amazing intra. No, it's not some sort of new app, it is nutrition that is consumed during your training session, hence the name intra.

During your training, there are two big things that are a byproduct of muscle activity: depletion of stored energy and loss of fluid through sweat. While you can certainly train and ignore both of these factors, eventually they will catch up to you.

I'm not going to spend time on hydration as I think that it is obvious to stay hydrated during a workout. However, the energy side is worth discussing. When it comes to weight training, the primary fuel source is glycogen, which is carbohydrate (glucose) stored in the muscle cells and liver.

Normally we have enough stores to get us through an intense session, however, we can put a big dent in our reserves if we don't replenish after training. By not refilling, the next time you hit the gym, you literally won't have a full tank of gas.

The other challenge with training is blood sugar can drop while training. This doesn't usually occur unless someone hasn't eaten for a while prior to training (my recommendation is no more than 4 hours), or if their body's insulin doesn't regulate well (like a diabetic).

In both of the situations above, an intra training beverage can help. First, it's insurance that you don't run out of fuel, plus it kickstarts the recovery process. Second, it will help keep blood sugar stable if you are at risk for it dropping. If you are in a fat loss phase, you can basically guarantee that those carbs will be used as fuel and help plow thru your session.

I recommend 15-25 grams of fast acting carbs (like dextrose) to sip on during your session (I use Gatorade). Additionally, you can add 10-15 grams of whey isolate as well to help the recovery process. Electrolytes are another good thing to make sure are included as well.

Intra drinks aren't mandatory, but give it a shot if you've never tried it. These are especially helpful for early AM training or if you won't be able to eat right away after a session.


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