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This past weekend I was at the wedding anniversary for my in-laws and there was a buffet line for the food. While one option certainly was to eat ahead of time or another to bring my own food, I wanted to be social and less awkward (cause let's be honest, family gatherings are usually awkward anyway lol).

First thing is to plan out the rest of the day as normal. If you're eating 'off-script' for one meal, make sure the other meals are planned and predictable.

The next step is to determine what is on the buffet line. You might be able to find this out in advance, or it will have to be an on-the-spot discovery. Note that it's okay to 'walk the buffet line' before you grab your plate. This is common practice at a restaurant and is a normal thing to do.

Third is to sub out and plug in the food options based on what's available and you need for your macros. I always like to find a similar food in the database and while it's not likely to be exact, I go with what would be an error on the high side.

Keep your portion sizes in check. The nice thing about buffets is they are usually finger food. This makes it easy to select portions and stick to them. Again, error on the side of being conservative in portions.

Finally, after doing your best and adjusting per the above, determine how you need to modify your existing meals for the day that you haven't eaten yet. Likely you will need to pull back the fat (as this is the common overage when it comes to finger food). To that end, eat a bit conservatively earlier in the day to give you more margin of error.

Bon appetite and don't forget to give your aunt a hug!!


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