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A common pastime is to go to a park, grill out and enjoy time with friends and family. Of course, how to navigate this without going completely off the rails is the topic today.

First, you absolutely should go. Being social and having fun with those you care about are a big aspect to having and maintaining relationships (even if aunt Helen is crazy lol).

Secondly, usually these are potluck style events, so bring something you know you will eat. Keep in mind what the standard is that most bring so if you venture out and create a side that is more healthy and macro friendly, likely you won't have to worry about someone else bringing it. Salads, deviled eggs, veg/cheese/fruit skewers are a few ideas.

Third, bring and grill the meat! You can pick some lower fat options or higher quality that you are sure of and then combine them with the burgers and brats that everyone else will indulge in.

Fourth, macro hack. In other words, get out your food log and do some best estimates on portions and what you are eating. It won't be exact but can get you into the ballpark. Also, if you plan ahead, you can bank some macros to give you some additional flexibility.

Fifth, portion control. You don't have to take one of everything and you don't need to load up your plate. Envision what your normal amounts are and how satiated you are and use those as guidelines.

Finally, don't get anxious about this. If it's a holiday, one day isn't going to knock you out of range for your goals (esp if just one meal). However, it is not multiple meals or days in a row, that can be counter productive.

Give these tips a shot and make sure you bring an extra set of plasticware because you can never have too many sporks.


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