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Let's talk about how to properly "gym hop". This is something that a lot of individuals (including myself) do regularly. Basically it is training at more than one gym location.

Why do it in the first place? Well, for starters, it's FUN! Different atmosphere, different equipment, meeting up with different people, it keeps things interesting! A second reason is equipment variety. Maybe one location has that perfect piece of equipment that you really connect with and is worth it to you. Another reason could be convenience. Those who train at home

or maybe have a gym at a work location do so because it's just straight convenient.

The thing to remember and be cautious of is that we know in order to make muscular change, we need progressive overload. If you're constantly doing different exercises at different gyms or doing the same machines/cables at different gyms, it can be hard to track this due to the variance.

Solutions: First, when you hop gyms, regulate specific exercises to that specific gym. For example, if you like a specific cable row machine at that particular gym, only do that exercise there. If you do need to do the same bodyparts/lifts at different gyms, try to use free weights as much as possible, as they are minimally different in locations (but can still vary). Finally, if you do have to use something different and don't want to throw off your tracking, simply input the same weight/reps you did on your normal exercise (even though it might be different) so you can go back to it.

Gym hopping can be fun and a way to stay motivated and even social. Be strategic when you do it to continue your progress. And for heaven's sake, leave the curling in the squat rack to your home gym activities!


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