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The importance of progress can't be overstated. This week I had a question on how to progress if you don't feel comfortable in adding more weight on the bar?

Let's talk about the first three common ways to do it. First, like I already mentioned, the most obvious is to increase the weight on the exercise. The second method is to keep weight the same and add reps, this is an increase to volume. A third method is also a volume technique, which is to add an additional set. This is the third option as you can't do this too frequently or before you know it you will be doing 12 sets of curls.

However the forth method is often overlooked.

This one is progression on form. This is not quantitative but certainly makes an impact. It could be more range of motion, stricter technique or a more controlled tempo to name a few. These don't show up on charts, but rather with video footage (another important reason to record your lifts).

All that to say, if you are progressing in any of the 4 above, that is forward traction which can lead to greater gains. If you're struggling to improve on a lift, take a look at these and see which is your best option to implement.


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