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Picture this, you pile the family up in a van, then drive multiple hours together in somewhat tight quarters with the windows up. Next, the living situation entails staying in the same common area throughout the trip. Finally, over the time span, there are many meals where you pass the food around the table family style. And we wonder why often whole families get sick on trips like this?

This was exactly my situation on the last vacation and I bet many of you will have a similar scenario coming up soon. In my opinion, the memories of spending time together far outweigh the risk of sharing some germs. That being said, if you do get sick, how do you handle it without setting your training progress back?

First is to listen to your body. If you have a day in the gym that is a lackluster performance, it might be a sign that your body is fighting something. Don't push it and focus on getting the blood pumping but don't chase PRs that day.

If you are sick, let your body recover. For sure don't train if you are running a fever. While this can be hard, giving your body the rest it needs can get you back faster. Once you do get back, pull back the intensity for a week or two. It will take at least one week to get glycogen restored in the muscles.

While you are sick, push the fluids, electrolytes and get as much rest as possible. If you have a bug that is affecting your GI tract, do the best you can, but know that you likely won't be hitting your macros if you have lots of nausea. This is another cause for the depleted muscles.

Bottom line is we all get sick occasionally and just as it's important to push hard on the daily, it's also important to pull back when needed for overall forward progress.


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