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Know anyone who is a channel clicker? You know the type, they keep scrolling through channels, using the fraction of a second to view what is playing before going to the next option. Are they really taking the time to analyze and make a decision on what to watch? We need to be careful and not do the same thing with nutrition.


As a coach, when I make an adjustment to a client’s program, I need to give the adjustment enough time to make an impact on what the desired results are, and then review to see if/when the next step needs to be taken.

Generally, this time period is going to be at least a week (especially when it comes to nutrition). However if it’s activity/training based, this is even a longer period to determine if the protocol is effective.

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The linchpin is speed of implementing the adjustment along with the accuracy and adherence to it. This allows quicker and more reliable feedback when it comes to determining progress. The opposite can happen too. Making adjustments too quick can sabotage just as much and cause more issues or roadblocks down the road.

Leave the channel clicking to the others and let’s stay focused on reviewing what matters.

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