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The Synergy Between Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

Having competed in both the sport of bodybuilding (natural) and powerlifting over the past 25+ years, I believe and experienced many benefits that crossover between the two sports. I can think of many athletes that have done the same and showed success. There are many benefits to competing in both of these sports.

While I get ready to hit the platform this weekend, I’ve been asked if I’m done bodybuilding. I quickly answer that question with a resounding “NO”. However, by doing both over the years, I will say that this has been a benefit to me. In this video, I cover the 4 key benefiting factors that crossover between bodybuilding and powerlifting.

I will say that per the law of specificity, to maximize your results, you have to specialize, which I agree that is true. Rarely will you find a champion bodybuilding and champion powerlifter being the same person. For that matter, it is very unique for any two sports. But someone can absolutely have a successful career in one while enjoying the other, which is where the combination of these two sports thrive.

Competition is something that I’m a big believer in as a way to set goals to achieve and finding what that looks like for you is unique. However, if you are into lifting and/or are already doing one of the sports mentioned above, I would invite you to take a look at the other.

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