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Of course, we all have! Here are some practical tips to help: 1. Change your perspective: Walk away, do something different, you need to come back with a breath of fresh air and new perspective. 2. Change your input: Get some new information, read, listen, talk. Change your environment and stimulus to help get the mind going to help promote fresh thoughts. 3. Relax: Don't stress, you don't solve problems better when stressed out. Prayer or mediate, get your training session in, go for a walk, just take a deep breath! You'll think better and others around you will appreciate it too. 4. Try again: Don't worry if you didn't solve it yet. Get rested, refreshed and start the process over. There is a lot of value in "sleeping on it". Please share any tips below that you might use to help solve problems or you've heard others try, let's solve them together!

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