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Track Your Time for A Week.

Medical research says it's a requirement for physical and mental well-being.

Harvard Business School surveyed 4,000 executives worldwide and found that the most successful leaders consciously managed their time and priorities to maximize their profession and personal lives.

Says Laura Vanderkam, author of 168 Hours: You Have More Time than you think and a mother of four: "It's important to make time for relationships and personal pursuits even if you've got an intense job. Not Only will you be healthier if you take care of yourself, you'll be more productive, as great ideas come to you when you consciously step back from work for a bit." To better manage your time, Vanderkam suggests these steps: Track your time for a week.

1, Identify when you are most productive at work and when you are primed for rejuvenation.

2, Make a list of things you'd like to spend more time doing, so that when you do have downtime, you can feel satisfied knowing you spent it on meaningful activities.

3, If quality time with your family is an important part of that definition, adjust your schedule so you accomplish that goal instead of spending more time at work or simply clocking unfulfilled hours at home.

4, Set aside specific times to respond to email and catch up on social media.

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