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I've got a little story for you back from when I was crawling. For this, let's rewind all the way to spring of '20 (yes, not that long ago)...

My training was going great, momentum was on my side and I had my eyes set on my next big goal then POW! Shoulder injury...

I've had a shoulder injury before that required surgery, but this was the other 'good' shoulder. I was frustrated, disappointed, angry, sad, basically all of the feels...

Immediately I started to assess the severity of my injury and after a couple weeks I realized it wasn't going away on its own. I did an evaluation to see what movements I could do that didn't hurt. I did that not just for the shoulder, but for the other bodyparts as well (as I needed to keep training everything else too). Below is a progression of what I found out I could do as it related to chest press, as this was a good example that I remember well:

> DB neutral grip floor press > DB floor press > Barbell floor press > Decline bench press w/shoulder saver > Decline bench press to chest > DB neutral grip bench press > Barbell bench press w/shoulder saver > Barbell bench press (now with higher volume and slower progression)

As you can see above, there was quite a progression before I could get back to what I was doing before. I also did physical therapy as well. Limiting range of motion and easy stability were key for me. I share this list of progressive movements while I rehabbed to demonstrate a few key impact factors:

- Flexibility: There are countless ways to work a muscle group, the key is to find what you can do versus what you can't

- Patience: On each of the lifts above I probably spent 3 to 4 weeks on, slowly progressing until I was comfortable with the next move

- Hope: Over time, you will improve and you can get better

If you happen to find yourself crawling instead of running, just know I've been there (and guarantee will be again some time) and hope that when you read the above you can see it's only temporary. You will get back to where you want to be.

After all, we all know there are quite a few slips, trips and falls through the process from crawling to running.


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