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Tiny Pretty Things

When it comes to nutrition, the common focus are on the big things: protein, carbs, fats, meals, etc. However, don't forget about the little things too: fiber, sugar, micronutrients. The last one, micronutrients, are the focus today.

Micronutrients are nutritional elements that don't have a caloric value. These include vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. When you see this list, I don't think there is a question that these are important for a variety of reasons.

In order to maximize these, you should eat a variety of foods, especially vegetables. An easy rule of thumb is the more colors, the better. Now, what if you're not a veggie lover? Besides training your palate to like veggies, getting a basic multivitamin can help with this, or a powdered "greens" formula. While not a complete substitute (sorry, not off that easy), it is an insurance policy to get what you need.

Aim for the macros, but don't neglect the micros in the process.


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