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This isn't a line to the latest cheer or a fun game for kids (well it might be). It is however a reference to an easy way to change up some of your training in the gym.

When you lift, most of the moves you are doing are likely standing or sitting, especially when it comes to free weight (barbells and dumbbell) movements. Sometimes an easy way to switch things up and get some additional/new stimulation is by changing your body position in a given movement.

For example, if you normally do your DB lateral raises standing, try them seated. Another one is if you always do your bicep curls seated, stand up. This can also apply if you lie down on a movement. Skullcrushers for instance can be lying, seated or standing.

If a lift is getting stale or you are struggling to progress on it, see if you can change your body position to switch it up before giving up on it, you might be surprised at the difference it makes.


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