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Nodding off while driving, falling asleep instantly at night, heavy eyelids when in a meeting, higher stress levels and also brain fog; these described me to a T a few years ago... I was a chronic sleep depriver!

Fast forward and the above symptoms have all but gone away. But in addition to that, I've had more clarity, productivity, creativity plus my hormone/blood work profile is greatly improved. Out of all the habits I've developed so far in my life, increasing sleep has probably been one of the most challenging.

I'm (and possibly yourself) are not alone. The statistics show sleep deprivation is ravenous in this country (1 in 3 according to the CDC). While this is worse than those who don't exercise (1 in 4), the big challenge is for those of us who both exercise and don't get enough sleep.

The benefits of sleep are huge, so why is it such a problem? It's largely due to the demand we put on ourselves. Ironically, the more sleep we get improves our performance and the outcome of these demands.

As days start to get shorter and for those who have kids in school, as the school year starts, it means an opportunity to start to reverse this trend. It doesn't have to be drastic, but even a weekly challenge of getting to bed 15 min earlier can make an impact. Simultaneously, create the best sleeping environment as well (easiest fix is turning off screens at night at least an hour before bed).

While you're good at pumping those lbs during the day, match it with hitting the Zs at night!


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