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Last week I had someone come up to me at the gym and they asked me what to take for low testosterone. My first question was, what were his current levels at, which he didn’t know the answer for. That being said, this was the first question that he should have been asking.

Another example is when someone asks me about whether to do high intensity or low intensity cardio. When I ask them about their current exercise routine, they don’t have one. A better first question would be what is the best way to get a training program established.

Finally, the biggest culprit is nutrition. When asked about if artificial sweeteners are bad for you but someone doesn't have a consistent nutrition intake or frequently overeats, a better question is how to plan meals and nutrition goals based on desired results.

While all of these are certainly valid questions and very appropriate ones at a certain level, it’s best to start at the base and build up from there.

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