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I'm a big fan of the Sherlock Holmes series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. While I don't watch much TV at all, my wife and I will occasionally pop one of the DVD's in from that series.

One of the many memorable lines from the series is when Sherlock is asked by his brother "did you make a list?" I'll let you guess what it was a list of, but I hear this phrase in my head often when I"m writing down my tasks every morning.

This simple habit of writing down my 1-3 things I want to accomplish that day along with the other tasks/appointments on my schedule have multiple benefits. First, it helps me focus on what are the priorities of the day to move progress forward. Second, it lowers anxiety as I know what my agenda is and focus for the day. Third, it maximizes productivity.

If you find yourself either not mastering a habit, worrying about what's on your plate or find yourself spinning your wheels and not getting anything accomplished, I would highly recommend this daily ritual.

Keep it small, write all your tasks down and make sure there's one thing everyday that gets you closer to your desired long term results. As Holmes would say, "it's elementary my dear Watson."



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