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Watching a professional athlete sustain a potential career ending injury can be gut wrenching. We know the hard work they put in to get to the level they are at. Even if they are able to rehab and make a comeback, there is significant time lost along with no guarantee they can play at the same level.

What is crazy is that we have even greater stakes than these athletes.

Playing the game of life, we only get one shot at this and the stakes are even higher. Those on our team are our families and friends, plus there are no second or third stringers to fill in for us.

This makes taking care of our bodies one of the most important aspects everyday. Whether it’s proper nutrition, getting the training in, sleep, stress management, etc. However, one of the more preventable components is avoiding injuries.

I’ve been training for over 30 years and have had injuries along the way, some of which I didn’t see coming and others which probably could have been preventable. While getting that one more rep, doing something unsafe or compromising form might add just a bit of progress, it could also set you back months (or longer) if an injury occurs.

Bottom line is focus on prevention, train smart, keep the steady training going and let’s continue to play hard all the way through the fourth quarter.



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