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I like to focus on what I call quality nutrition. This included whole food options, minimally processed, full of great nutrients and a short list of ingredients. However, life happens and sometimes you need a quick option.

While you certainly can prep/plan/have quick options on the go, don’t be afraid to enter into a fast food restaurant. Most of the main chains have options you can choose from that aren’t going to blow your day. At a quick web search, here are a few:

McDonalds: Hamburger: 12P/31C/9F

Wendys: Grilled chicken wrap: 27P/41C/16F

Burger King: Hamburger: 13P/29C/10F

Arbys: Classic roast beef: 23P/37C/14F

Subway: 6” Grilled chicken: 27P/40C/4F

Of course on all these options, you have to skip the temptation of the fries and other sides. Additionally, you usually don’t need to look too far for a local meal prep company or smoothie shop that gives you a whole list of fitness friendly options.

Before you put your hands in the air with some options that might throw your nutrition off for the day, take a moment and find a fast place that has some safe options even though you could be treading on dangerous ground.

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