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I love multi-purpose tools.The multi-purpose pliers, pocket knives, and who doesn’t love a spork, brilliant! I also love dual purpose foods. In fact, one of my goals is to get as many included in my day as possible. What is a dual purpose food? Read on.

Let's talk about what a single purpose food is. This is a food that someone would choose to eat for one purpose only, which is because it tastes good. Now, I’m totally not against taste. But we want more out of our food. A dual purpose food is one that tastes good PLUS serves our body well in some capacity.

Likely most of your foods are dual purpose already. They hopefully taste good and it hits our macronutrient goals. However, if we add another purpose, like maybe it enhances brain health, reduces inflammation, is good for our gut or maybe boosts the immune system. These are examples of multi use foods.

As you go throughout your day, take inventory of your food and see if it is a single, dual or multi-purpose food. Just like a knife is good but a pocket knife is great, the more usd is a food half, the better.

Different types of food


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