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The other day I had a client tell me that they were wrecked and this last week of the training block was a killer. This is good, logical and done by design (the last week should be hard). However, also by design, is making the first week of a new training block a recovery week, also called a deload, which might not seem as logical and feel like a step backwards, let me explain.

Progression is key when it comes to training; as you want to constantly push yourself forward to make progress. However there can be a limited ceiling to this where you can't progress past (or it slows substantially). For most, this is a 5-6 week time frame.

At this point, we actually want to revert back to a minimum amount of work to not make progress, but also not lose it. This is a week (deload) that we allow the body to desensitize to the training, reset the system and recover.

During this week, training feels easy(ier) with reduced volume and/or weight. Once completed, the body should feel good and then the training can be progressed forward from there.

Think of a deload as taking 1 step back to take 2 steps forward. It's fun to crush it each week but just like jumping too high on the bed, it's no fun to hit the ceiling in your training either.


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