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The other day a client asked me about the importance of keeping our joints moving and I immediately went back to the day I felt 120 years old. Me and a couple buddies had just finished a powerlifting meet in St Louis. Right after spending hours pushing our bodies to the max, we hopped into a car and drop about 8 hours in the cold winter weather back home.

As soon as we arrived and went to ‘hop’ out of the car, none of us could move worth a darn! Due to not moving, our bodies stiffened up big time.

While I hope you don’t have to go to this extreme to understand the concept, but our bodies like to move. In fact, if you don’t keep this movement up through activity and exercise, tissues will stiffen, muscles will atrophy, less fluid and cushion in the joints.

It also demonstrates the importance of getting the body ready to do movement through proper warm up and activation.

While the aging process occurs in us all, by keeping the ‘gears turning’, it is delayed and helps us continue to perform and feel better than otherwise. Let’s not lose it, let’s use it.



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