"What you don't deal with will eventually deal with you." -Simon T. Bailey Have you been procrastinating anything? Perhaps a project, appointment, uncomfortable encounter? By putting these off, it not only causes anxiety to build bit it usually only gets tougher with time. Swallow the frog. Rip the bandaid off. Once you accomplish the feat, not only will you feel this huge relief, but usually you will realize it wasn't as hard as you anticipated.


How do you keep yourself in-check? This could mean your form on a given exercise, the quality of your meals, how much sleep you are getting, etc. As an example I use, when I squat, I always record my working sets from the side on video. I do this to make sure I'm hitting the depth I need, plus to recognize if form is breaking down. If a weight feels good but I didn't 'own' it, I will either do it again or not go up. Another example could be a food log or a daily journal. It's easy to check the box, but do you know you really did?

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