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Stop spinning your wheels. Time to achieve. Time to make an impact and take action!

You have goals, everyone does.  Yet, why do so many never achieve those goals when the opportunity and potential are there?  We’re all extremely busy and there seems to never be enough time in the day - how will you be able to get things done? This is where Impact Action Coaching comes in.  Our purpose is to help you make an impact on achieving your goals by taking the proper action to turn your dreams into a reality.  



I've been working with Josh M. over the past year. Originally, we started working together to help him dial things in for his wedding, which he absolutely achieved! However, instead of repeating a big rebound and adding back on all the unwanted bodyfat he lost, we've been focusing on reversing and bringing up his calories which has supported his metabolism and muscle mass (which are correlated). You can see in his post that not only has he maintained his progress (>4% bodyfat loss) but also increased muscle mass along with increasing intake by 780 daily calories. Additionally, Josh is a great example of not focusing on the scale as he's 10lbs heavier in the latest photos but obviously leaner. Great work Josh, it's been awesome seeing your continued results!

Josh M. says:

Numbers don't lie. Trust the process. It's not easy but worth it.  Wow is all I can say, thanks for the help Ryan.

Marisa M. says:

I first met Ryan when I competed at his natural bodybuilding competition in 2014 and I have followed his journey in the bodybuilding world on social media ever since. Fast forward to 2022, I am now mother of 3 with a very busy lifestyle. I had always shot from the hip with my training and ate intuitively. Well, I was no longer seeing results and I was frazzled. I wanted to compete again. I knew my goals of competing were too big to balance with work, family and training all on my own. I needed structure. Ah ha, I knew right where to look! Ryan truly modelled everything I wanted in a coach! He walks the walk, prioritizes family, and figured out why and where my diet and training were falling short. I am now seeing big results from all my hard work in my physique! He has brought back my passion for natural bodybuilding and put those goals back on the table for me between my chaos. I always look forward to my workouts and his knowledge is top notch! Beyond thankful for a coach that is so passionate about what he does!


One year with Impact Action Coaching down and many more to go! 

Adam H. says:

'I have been working with Ryan since 2020. I first hired him as a posing coach to help me prepare for my first natural bodybuilding show, which had been on my bucket list for some time. It was readily apparent to me from the start that Ryan is highly knowledgeable, very intelligent, and good person. Soon thereafter, I joined the Impact Action Team having Ryan coach me full time!


Ryan has coached me now through 3 bodybuilding shows, and in that time I have made significant improvements to my physique, strength, as well as vastly expanded my knowledge of working out, nutrition, and contest prep. One of Ryan's biggest strengths is customizing a nutrition plan and workouts to the individual, so you get a plan that will work for you. This is probably the most important part, because having a plan that you can stick to, will allow you to be consistent with it, so you can make continual progress. We also do routine progress check-ins to make sure things are on track. We meet in person for these and discuss the current goals, and if need be, come up with solutions to any of life's current obstacles which we all go through from time to time.


Fast forward to this bodybuilding season and I won two pro qualifiers to be an athlete in the International Pro Elite Bodybuilding Federation! On August 20, 2022, at the Midwest Musclefest in Cedar Falls, IA, I placed 1st in Masters 40+ Bodybuilding, and just 3 weeks later, on Sept 10, 2022, at KC Kingdom in Shawnee, KS, I took 1st place for the overall Open Bodybuilding class! It just goes to show that regardless of age, we can still make massive strides and improvements in the sport of Bodybuilding!


I highly recommend Ryan Irwin to anyone considering a physique competition, powerlifting meet, or even for someone who isn't necessarily looking to compete, but who just wants to shed a few pounds and get back in shape!


Ryan's knowledge and experience have been invaluable components to my journey and success. Ryan is professional, kind, attentive, positive, and motivating! My advice if you are reading this and have been wanting to do a show or get in shape, but just don't know where to start, would be to contact Ryan and begin your own fitness journey! I know he will have a positive impact on your life as he has on mine!'

Braden S. says:
Britney F. says:
Kiley E. says:

"My second bodybuilding competition was a success! I placed 1st in the novice class and 2nd in the bodybuilding open class! I even won the award for best poser! Lots of thanks to my coach @ryanjirwin and @kckingdomnaturals for hosting the event. Now it’s time to focus on putting on some solid muscle over the winter and prepare for next season! Stay tuned!"

Angie S.says:

Ryan is amazing to work with. He gets to know you on a personal level and makes sure he knows exactly what you are trying to achieve. He then turns that into a reality. He is very helpful and is there for you every step of the way. Definitely knows what he is doing and how to set you up for success!

Nick V. says:

I'm a competitive athlete in the sport of natural bodybuilding and have been working with Ryan since January 2021. He is a true professional with many years of experience and unlike many of the "coaches" out there today, he uses scientific approaches, rather than gimmicks and unhealthy practices. His communication and responsiveness is second to none and his client check-in process is extremely thorough. He creates custom programs according to his client's individual goals and monitors progress, making adjustments when needed. Not only is Ryan an outstanding coach, he's also a great person who always treats me with respect and kindness, and I always know he will hold me accountable to help me reach my goals. I'd highly recommend Ryan to anyone seeking to be the best version of themselves. He is passionate about what he does and it shows. He will truly have your best interest in mind!


"I’ve had the privilege of working with Ryan since 2011 and truly cannot imagine trusting anyone else with my performance and nutrition goals. I came to Ryan discouraged and frustrated with my performance in the gym and eager to try another route of competition and training. Its been a game-changer in numerous ways. His expertise and strategic planning enabled me to learn more about how my body works, how to fuel it to maximize performance, and how performance doesn’t dictate the kind of athlete I am if I have followed through. This process takes an immense amount of trust. During my years with Ryan he’s continued to prove he knows how to challenge me and values my success as well as failures. This is why I stay year after year. No matter the competitive outcome, I continue to stay lean and increase strength consistently. He values my time and effort and it gives me great pleasure to make him proud on stage or platform. I’m excited to see for what he has planned for me in the coming years as I will continue to work with him and represent him in Central America!!!!!"

Troy M. says:

I highly recommend Ryan Irwin. He takes a great approach to helping you reach your goals. After years of training on my own- with his knowledge and support- I was able to reach new levels. Ryan’s also a very personable coach - and takes time to get to know you.

Taylor M. says:

"Thanks for your help Ryan! I really enjoyed the last 5 weeks. Much different than my previous coaches!"

Nick S. says:

Have been working with Ryan Irwin since 2019 and he is an awesome coach. In Fitness, nutrition and life, he helps you through your goals while also considering your family and personal life. He can help you make the impossible become possible. Give him a try and you won’t regret it!

David M. says:

I had Ryan prep me for my first bodybuilding show and I had no idea what to expect. It was all new to me and I needed someone to help guide me through the process. Ryan was super helpful to me and I am very glad I decided to have him coach me. He has tons of experience in health and fitness and it showed during my time as his client. I highly recommend working with him for any fitness goals you have especially bodybuilding coaching.

Brandon B. says:

Ryan is a great, experienced and attentive coach, he personally knows his clients goals and helps them reach them. Ryan is an honorable focused and disciplined man as well. Which makes following and trusting him easy.

Brooke G. says:

I highly recommend Impact Action Coaching. I have been working with Ryan for over a year and a half now, and I am very impressed with my results so far. With his coaching I was able to win all the classes I entered in my first show and even earn my IPE Pro card 💪 I will continue to work with him for years to come as I compete in the pros. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to work with him though. He helps people at all levels reach any fitness goal they have. I guarantee if you follow his plans to a T you will reach and EXCEED your goals. He is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about his clients. He really listens and adapts your plan to fit your individual needs.


I've been working with Ryan since 2019 and I have no complaints. I'm a certified personal trainer myself but everyone can benefit from a knowledgeable, well educated, and dedicated personal trainer and Ryan is exactly that. He has always maintained an open line of communication, provided knowledge, and solid plans and solutions to meet my goals. No matter how much one knows or how experienced a person might be in diet and exercise, you can always benefit from having someone like Ryan provide accountability, an objective perspective, and constructive criticism which are the main reasons I chose to work with

Ryan and he has always delivered. Even with us living over 1,000 miles apart and 3 states away, Ryan still provided excellent service. If your considering hiring a personal trainer regardless of the reasons, contest prep, weight loss, strength/size increase, or overall general health, just do it! And hire Ryan!

Phyllis D. says:

“Highly recommend (Ryan) if you are serious about bodybuilding and learning everything you need to know about nutrition and supplements. Has an amazing work ethic no matter what field of work he is in.”

Cindy M. says:

“Ryan is caring, compassionate, and has very visible high morals and values. He checks in on a regular basis, he learns how each individual client that he works with needs to function and operate from workouts, to rest and nutrition. Ryan is an expert in his field because he lives what he teaches, and researches new ways for each person to achieve their desired results. When wanting results, I go with the best! I very highly recommend Ryan as a trainer, motivator and coach to achieve those top notch goals!”

Ziwei J. says:

Ryan is a great coach. Super patient, has a lot of knowledge about exercise and diet. He was super attentive even I gave him the last min job for prepping the NANBF show this May. he did a great job guide me through the whole process. My first show as 40+, I was not nervous at all since he prepared the details and I felt very at ease for the competition.

Kristen G. says:

Ryan is amazing and I couldn’t do what I do without him! He is so incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of wellness, fitness, and nutrition. I HIGHLY recommend him!

Lindy V. says:

So thankful for my coach Ryan at Impact Action Coaching for his guidance, encouragement, and support!

Ashley S. says:

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you! I am so grateful to my cousin, Geoff, for introducing us. Lift and being on this program has helped me in countless ways. I had no idea how it would bleed over into all areas of my life. You are changing people's lives and it's so awesome! Grateful for you and your work!

Kayla B. says:

I am so thankful for a coach like you!! You care about your clients and I am so glad that I decided to work with you. I can say I feel like family and if it wasn’t for you I have no idea where I would be mentally and physically with my nutrition and bodybuilding. What is so great about you is your so encouraging and explain things in great detail for me to understand with purpose and why you do things. I am so thankful for you as my coach and also, as a friend and can’t wait to see what more we can accomplish. Thank you Ryan for all that you do and for helping me with my victories in my Pro Debut season!

Nicolle W. says:

“Ryan spoke to students in my nutrition course at Simpson College. He was very knowledgeable and engaging while providing a balanced, scientific-based outlook on ergogenic aids.”

Nicole C. says:

“I've worked with Ryan for almost two years and have thrown him a lot of curveballs along the way, including being a vegan athlete who didn't use supplements. Ryan was always encouraging and ready to work with me to meet the goals that I set for myself and to challenge me to go beyond those. He is certainly knowledgeable, but beyond that, he is practical in his approach to incorporating fitness into all of his clients' lives and passionate about helping all of his clients be the best that they can be.”

Terrance L. says:

Working with Ryan has been an absolute pleasure. With his help, I leaned down from 169 to 140 lbs. and maintained muscle and strength in the process.
Great coach for my fitness goals!

Anthony W. says:

I've worked with Ryan for over 3.5 yrs, and have also sent family members to work with him as well. Ryan is a master of his craft and has a deep interest in seeing his clients succeed. If you're looking to dial in fitness goals or take the bodybuilding stage, I can't recommended Ryan enough.

Emily A. says:

I worked with Ryan for my figure competition posing and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a posing coach. His knowledge and insight was incredibly helpful, as this was my first show. He was very professional and always made me feel comfortable while learning something new. His communication was great and I always received quick feedback after each session. So grateful to have used him and will be using him to coach me in the future shall I decide to compete again! 💪🏼

Kali S. says:

I came to Ryan for contest prep for a Bikini show. I trusted Ryan because he didn't use extreme methods of cutting like I've heard other coaches do. Ryan's approach has helped me come out of a caloric deficit safely and confidently without feeling the need to binge and go off the rails post show. I would highly recommend Ryan for contest prep or any type of nutritional or training needs!

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