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Last week I listed out my top 5 factors for fat loss, this week I want to follow that up with the same for muscle building. So again in no particular order:

1. Progressive overload: Pushing your muscle to improve is the stimulus needed to convince the body that it needs to add muscle to the frame. While intensity is important, doing one more rep or 5 more pounds is a bigger factor to progress.

2. Hydration: Nothing will limit your ability to train faster than being dehydrated. Related is making sure you have adequate electrolytes as well.

3. Sleep: Recovery is key for growth and sleep is a critical component of that. Training hard and hitting routine will fall short if sleep suffers.

4. Consistency: Tracking training (see #1 above), hitting nutrition goals and focusing on recovery. Gaining muscle is less forgiving with variances in these factors.

5. Recovery: While I mentioned this in sleep above, taking one step further is recovering in between training sessions. Besides growth, this also prevents injury and nothing will hold back progress more if you are injured.

You'll notice that there are some carry overs from the fat loss list last week but that shouldn't be a surprise as your body needs certain components to function at 100%. Bottom line on both processes is that the body needs convincing to do something outside of the norm.


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