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"Thinking about the past won't lead you to a better future." Ryan Shazier

This spoke to me and I think I'm not alone. Oftentimes I hear about people are stuck in a perpetual cycle. They take a step forward, then start to have limiting beliefs, followed by taking a step or two backward. This is a cycle that I think can be broken by forward focus.

We all have a history that is made up of past experiences. Some of these are good and some of them are not. In both instances they do not predict the future.

Failures, mistakes and shortcomings do not write what will happen in the future. In fact often these are required to achieve good things As Nelson Mandela said "I either win or learn."

Likewise, success is not a guarantee for the future growth either. In fact if someone rests on their laurels, they will become complacent and most certainly stop achieving.

Bottom line is don't let the past predict your future. Everyday counts and each day is a new one. Set your sights on the one thing that you will achieve that day to get you further. Don't stop until you make it happen.

Success is rented and the rent is due everyday.


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