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Many years ago I fell into the trap of eating basically chicken, rice and broccoli for almost every meal. I did this because it was simple, convenient and I knew it hit my nutrition macro goals. However, after that time period, I was waaaay burnt out on chicken, not to mention the other nutritional aspects I was missing from other food sources.

One of the things I now like to do is rotate my protein options. For example, my normal lunch consists of similar carb sources (rice, banana, sometimes sweet potatoes). Then I take that base and rotate my protein sources and add to it. Currently this is either ground beef (90/10), albacore tuna, sardines and occasionally chicken.

This not only keeps boredom from setting in, but each one of those protein sources adds in additional benefits such as fats, vitamins and minerals. I also use extra virgin olive oil in this meal so I can offset the different fat content in the various protein sources.

Hopefully this helps you with not just avoiding burnout but also opens up to some ideas on how you can expand your food intake. Bonus points if you jump on the sardine gain train.


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