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You can’t measure what you don’t track. To take it another step forward, you can’t see progress toward your goals if you don’t measure. Regardless of what the goal is, there is one key metric that covers them all; habits.

When it all boils down to progress, if I see someone with the right and consistent habits in place, almost every time, we’re going to see things happening. For example, if someone was focusing on body composition, I would want to see consistency with nutrition (logged meals/accurate portions), training (regular workouts, PRs), and regular activity levels with quality sleep.

In other words, you could even get away from tracking the common benchmarks, yes even the scale, because all the action is being taken at a maximum level, which drives results.

Now, I’m of course still a fan of tracking these common benchmarks, which really are lagging indicators. The bottom line is that consistent habits drive progress. Concentration and focus on these are the leading indicators to results.

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