When setting goals for fat loss, determining capacity is a critical part of the process. This holds true for those looking to lose 10lbs of bodyfat all the way to those looking to get stage ready in a physique competition. What I mean by determining capacity is determining what the body has the potential to do with regards to fat loss. Specifically, figuring out how well someone's metabolism is going to be able to perform in relation to this goal. To use an analogy, one might want to drive their car across the country, but they need to make sure both their engine is up to it and they have enough fuel for the journey. In the video below, I talk about the factors that I look at to make sure


Reflecting back this weekend about my first job as a teenager (fast food, gasp, the horror!) When I was doing this and remember being on the front line, the personalities, demeanor and attitudes varied GREATLY in the clientele I would encounter. One of the things that I use in situations when the other party is proving to be a challenge, is treat them like my mom. The idea here is to be kind, patient and understanding instead of getting stressed and/or upset. Maybe there is another person to insert here (grandparent, dad, sibling, etc). If you come across a similar situation, do escalate the level, but rather take a deep breath and treat them how you would treat that person.


This is a topic that I struggle with: posture. It is always present, sitting, standing, heck, even sleeping. The key here is to keep your spine neutral. That's why standing is so preferable to sitting. That said, if you do sit, you want to be upright with minimal stress on the joints. Similarly is when exercising. Keep the posture in play to maximize performance and avoid injury. Give yourself a reminder with notifications, have someone take a picture or video to hold you accountable.

My Story to the Stage

God blessed me with a lot of things, but athleticism and a speedy metabolism didn’t quite make the list. Needless to say, sports never really worked out for me. I was a dancer, a cheerleader and the occasional runner. From the time I was little I struggled with my weight and became cautious of what I was eating. To make matters worse, my friends were all the a-team athletes who could eat pizza and popcorn for dinner and maintain their perfectly trim frames. I hated my body. Fast forward to my senior year of high school, I had had enough. So, I downloaded MyFitnessPal and the app told me lose 2 pounds a week I should eat 1,200 calories. Along with only eating 1,200 calories a day and dance pr


I would say it is NOT getting onstage in a competition and posing in front of a group of judges. While this might be a surprise, let me explain. The definition of bodybuilding as I see it is the process of building muscle and lowering bodyfat composition, hence “building your body”. While there are many who choose to do this at a competitive level, this is not a requirement to say that you are bodybuilding. Therefore, those who are trying to build muscle and/or lose bodyfat are in essence; bodybuilding. To what level they desire to take this goal is completely individual. I bring this up as I think a lot of people automatically assume when they hear bodybuilding or “bodybuild”, that it re

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