We can only focus on one thing at a time. As an example, try listening to a song and reading a book at the same time. Then go back and write down a couple lines from each. You will not be able to do either very well. The same goes with other tasks; multitasking is not effective. Because of this, pause and take a moment to determine what is the most important task at that time and focus on it.


When you boil down body composition change, it goes down to fat loss and muscle gain. One of the primary factors for both of these is calorie balance. Bottom line, if you have a calorie deficit, you lose. A calorie surplus, you gain. Either way your desired direction is, the same thing applies, you need to know where you are at. That said, you need go know your intake. If your macro total equals 2500 calories per day and you overeat by 38 grams of fat in a day and have an alcoholic drink, you won't make progress. Measure out your food, know where you are at, this gives you the ability to make the changes to tilt the scale in your favor.

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