"You don't see grumpy 100-year olds" -Peggy Lockhart, Grad research assistant at ISU. When doing research on centenarians, the overwhelming majority of them feel positive and have learned to adapt to life's challenges according to Jennifer Martin, an associate professor in human development at ISU. Pictured below is Glen Yarger, a 106 old former ISU wrestler and '34 Big Six Champion says he "enjoys being with friends." I think the takeaway here is to value people, be able to adapt and don't let life rattle you along the way.


There are actions that are fun to do, like recreation, seeing friends or taking a nap. However there are things that frankly suck but need to be done, how to do this? As author Dr. David J. Schwartz points out in the Magic of Thinking Big, the first step should be mechanical. What he means here is do the motions that are needed to start the task. For example, need to do cardio, get your shoes on and go to the track or piece of equipment. Need to work on a paper, start writing the title and opening paragraph. Putting off a conversation? Start with an introduction email. Got reverse DB lunges (me on Wed), unrack the DBs. Bottom line, do an action to start the needed task. It might not make


People ask me when is the best time to stretch? I usually answer this question with another question: what is your goal? The usual answer is, people want to prevent injury or increase Mobility; I would agree with both of these answers. However, to prevent injury the best thing to do is warm up the muscles. That said, increasing blood flow increases elasticity and mobility. You can make it complicated, but the bottom line is to simply get your body moving. With regards to stretching, I recommend you do it after you get done with your training. Muscles have done what they're supposed to do and you can now focus on the recovery. Find the body parts that you want to stretch, holding these posi


At a glance, this statement makes people smile and laugh. While it's often said in a light-hearted manner, this is a very real and valuable thing. You should have somewhere that you can decompress, find solace and peace. This should be a place you can think clear and relax; be creative. It should be somewhere easily accessible and doesn't need to be fancy or exotic. One of mine is my front porch. Find your happy place and go there; frequently.


Not necessarily. First, let me define white carbs. These are lower fiber carbohydrates, like white rice, white bread, regular pasta, white potatoes, you get the idea. Why are they labeled bad? Since white carbs are low fiber, they digest more quickly than their higher fiber counterparts. This leads to a bigger blood sugar spike, higher insulin and hindered fat loss. Additionally, they can leave you hungrier faster than the brown ones. Does that mean all white carbs be damned?? Not so. By adding other items to eat with them, it slows digestion and the bad stuff above. This could and should be protein, fats and veggies. It also could be fiber from these sources. Final verdict: if you wan

How to keep the shoulder happy while benching using the Shoulder Saver

Working around injuries comes with the territory regarding training. You either have one or someday you likely will. Hopefully it’s nothing major and you can fully recover, but in the process of recovery or if it is more a long-term limitation, what can you do? In this video, I demonstrate how I modify the bench press to accommodate for a shoulder that gets easily irritated with this exercise. While you might not have any issues with benching (be happy) these same principles can be applied to other exercises. Ryan has been coaching individuals for over 15 years, helping people become the best version of themselves, starting with health and fitness. Impactactioncoaching.com @impactactionco


3 bricklayers are asked "What are you doing?" The first says "Laying bricks." The second says "Making $9.30 per hour." The third says "I'm building the world's greatest cathedral." Your mindset determines your actions. Know what you are doing is important and makes an impact. The impact might be down the road, maybe to someone else indirectly, or it could be important to yourself to get you closer to the next great thing. In everything you do, know that it is important and worth doing and to the best of your ability.

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