One of the books I'm currently reading is "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David J Schwartz. This has been full of good nuggets. One of the chapters discusses building confidence. Below are 5 simple steps to take action to help that process: 1. Be a front seater 2. Eye contact 3. Walk faster 4. Speak up 5. Smile big Bottom line is that like most things that are worth doing, it takes impact action to build confidence.


Chasing a PR (Personal Record) is an obvious way to note proress, but how about the little things? For example, with your accessory exercises, are you improving there? Maybe it's 1 rep or 5 lbs. What about sleep, are you setting your alarm 5 min later or better yet, going to bed 5 min earlier? Maybe you are tracking your water intake, how about 4 more oz? Celebrate and take note on big steps in progress but don't overlook the small stuff, they produce big results.


During special occasions or holidays, perhaps even the weekend, often the highlights involve seeing family and friends. Why is that? Usually it is because those we love the most we don't see often enough. This is backwards. Instead, make time to systematically be with these people. Put a reoccurring reminder on your calendar to call or visit. Schedule another get together while you are at the current. Make time for those you love.


This is somewhat different from what most call a diary. It could be a training log or a traditional journal. In fact, it could be digital or an app on your phone. A training log is one of the most important tools when it comes to progress. By logging your workouts, you can track many things including weight, reps, sets, total volume, rest periods, difficulty of set, feeling, etc. This also lets you know what to do to increase 1 more rep or 5 more lbs. A journal can also be a log of ideas, thoughts or a place to store memories, which I have found especially helpful over vacations. Take the time, this one is worth it.

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