2018 Planning Workshop Announcement

I made this announcement last week on FB (see video here) and I wanted to post here to ANNOUNCE THE IMPACT ACTION PLANNING WORKSHOP FOR 2018 coming up on Dec 9th!! I have created this workshop because people love to set new year’s resolutions but history shows the FAILURE rate is HUGE!! Why?? They don’t set the right goals and they don’t put a plan and system to achieve them. THIS WORKSHOP CREATES THAT! Goals are a common practice to set for the upcoming year, but what if you have 12 months of IMPACT ACTION items to hit those goals? Last year we had a great group and the things they have achieved this year have been AWESOME!!! This is also the system that I go through myself and I can p

Health Tips for You!

Have an on-the-go meal you can easily find and add in during the day. For me, a Quest bar and beef jerky is it. This is 44 gms protein, 23 gms carbs and 11 gms fat. Doesn't melt in my pocket (bar is nice and soft), plus can find them at any gas station.

Found my HIIT tool of choice for home: Deadmill sprints!

For those who might not know what they are, instead of letting the treadmill motor make the belt move fast, you turn the treadmill off and instead push it with your own power. I like these as it activates your upper body too, has a quick transition (vs time lapse while belt speeds up) and is easier on the joints. Did I mention it is intense?! Go 15/20 seconds on the sprint, then I just do a lap walking in my basement for the recovery.

Track Your Time for A Week.

Medical research says it's a requirement for physical and mental well-being. Harvard Business School surveyed 4,000 executives worldwide and found that the most successful leaders consciously managed their time and priorities to maximize their profession and personal lives. Says Laura Vanderkam, author of 168 Hours: You Have More Time than you think and a mother of four: "It's important to make time for relationships and personal pursuits even if you've got an intense job. Not Only will you be healthier if you take care of yourself, you'll be more productive, as great ideas come to you when you consciously step back from work for a bit." To better manage your time, Vanderkam suggests these s

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